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DNS DDoS protection – Automatically Detects and Intelligently Blocks Threats at Domain Level

The Name Server Protection offered by AntiDos protects your DNS servers from DDoS attacks and other external and internal DNS-based threats. With AntiDos Name Server protection, you can effectively defend your DNS server from a wide array of DNS-based attacks. .

The intelligent and comprehensive Name Server Protection automatically identifies and filters out any malicious DDoS attacks prior to being forwarded to the origin name server, while accelerating With anti-dos DNS DDoS protection responses and maintaining your service availability and business continuity.

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Ensure Safety from malicious attacks.

Defend your server against DNS-based Threats

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How Does Name Server Protection Work?

The cloud-based, highly secure and robust AntiDos Name Server DNS DDoS protection service takes only a few minutes to set up. It efficiently safeguards your DNS connection, network, and users from diverse types of cyber attacks. Name Server Protection ensures that your application and network infrastructure are well-protected against all denial of service assaults. It speeds up your DNS responses by optimizing the response routes which eventually results in accelerated website performance.

AntiDos’ Name Server Protection is built on a reliable network of protected DNS proxies that are deployed on the globally distributed CDN. It functions as a secure DNS proxy that disguises protected DNS servers and smartly filters all your incoming queries.

Why Choose AntiDos DNS DDoS Protection Service?

Maximum DDoS Protection

Our Name Server protection intelligently distinguishes between legitimate and malicious DNS traffic in real-time, while achieving maximum DNS DDoS protection and allowing your DNS servers to respond only to valid queries. It will enable you to maintain your service availability and performance even while under attack.

Improved DNS Availability

The fast and resilient Name Server protection also ensures 24/7 DNS availability, DNS DDoS protection and prevents DNS forgery and manipulation. AntiDos intelligent network uses thousands of DNS servers in a number of points of presence, that enables you to direct users to a high performing DNS server, resulting in accelerated DNS performance.

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