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DDoS Protection for Websites (Proxy)

Two thirds of the world's companies are exposed to DDoS attacks every month. The reputation, credibility, and profitability of your business are directly linked to your website’s responsiveness. AntiDos’s state-of-the-art proxy protection protects your web infrastructure from DDoS attacks, ensuring round-the-clock availability and consistent performance of all your organization’s web resources. Remote proxy protection adds an extra layer of protection over your network nodes, sending only clean traffic and filtering out every malicious request.

Remote DDoS Starter Plan Professional Plan Bespoke Solution
Protection 30 Gbps 50 Gbps If you have any unique requirements for enterprise features or multiple-site coverage, then just fill out the form on the contact us page .
Maximum Attack Filtering 20 Million 30 Million
Packets Per Second 20,000 GB 20,000 GB
Premium Clean Bandwidth 100mbps 100mbps
Protection Against UDP/TCP/SYN/Application Layer UDP/TCP/SYN/Application Layer
Protected Ports 80/443 80/443
Protected Domain/IP Single with subdomains Single with subdomains
IP Location Canada/USA/Europe Canada/USA/Europe
Backup Location/IP
SSL Support
Transparent Solution
Dedicated IP Address
Fast DDoS Mitigation
No Contract
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Setup Fee
24/7/365 Technical Support
Month-to-Month Contract
  • Multiple site pricing
  • Seamless integration
  • Emergency response SLAs
  • Flexible account management
  • Custom server configurations
  • Dedicated support team


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malicious DDoS attacks.

This service keeps malicious DDoS traffic at bay without you having to move your website to another hosting provider. Regardless of the size and nature of your business, proxying is a perfectly simple solution that can be implemented in less than 30 minutes. Let us take the hassle of all the tech issues off your shoulders, while you enjoy ease of use, uninterrupted operations, scalability, and reliability that you can count on.

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How It Works

Acting as a secure proxy, we route all the HTTP/S traffic to your domain through our network by tweaking your DNS records. we mask your origin server IP and monitor all incoming traffic, filtering out the DDoS traffic, while enabling the legitimate requests to pass through unhindered.

In our attempt to make the DDoS mitigation process invisible to your genuine users while apprehending DDoS attackers, our DDoS filtering process is based on a few ground security rules that observe HTTP footprint, and client reputation and behavior. This helps us meet progressively-stringed security challenges.

Reliable DDoS Protection Service

DDoS Protection

Our cutting-edge DDoS protection leverages artificial intelligence to detect abnormal traffic, predict attacks, and protect your web infrastructure from malicious cyber-attacks, botnets and harmful script, by scrubbing all attack traffic and forwarding only the clean and legitimate bandwidth.

24/7 Email and Phone Support

We provide 24/7/365 email & emergency phone support to make sure you sleep well. We monitor any scale of DDoS attack and respond within minutes.

Blazing Fast Speed

Our advanced proxy protection gives you minimal latency - as if you were directly connected to the server. By finding out optimal connectivity path, we route your traffic through closest network nodes.

Ultra-low Mitigation Time

With an extensive DDoS mitigation experience and a vast library of known attacks, our DDoS protection system will detect and block any attack in less than 5 seconds.

Availability and Flexibility

Our security experts continually keep our cloud security platform up-to-date, which allows us to meet DDoS and hacker attacks of different nature and intensity.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Our disaster-resilient infrastructure means that any event causing outage of one point-of-presence will not lead to a connection loss. AntiDos offers dependable service level agreements (SLA) with 99.99% uptime & reliable service you can trust.

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