Top 10 Cybersecurity Conferences You Can Not Afford To Miss In 2024

Cybersecurity threats are evolving rapidly, with new attacks and vulnerabilities emerging every day. To stay on top of the latest cybersecurity trends, technologies, and best practices, attending premier industry conferences is essential for security professionals. With so many events to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which conferences are worth the investment. Based on past attendee feedback and industry buzz, here are 10 of the top cybersecurity conferences you simply can’t afford to miss in 2024.

Top 10 Cybersecurity Conferences You Can Not Afford To Miss In 2024

Here are top ten cybersecurity conferences you can not afford to miss in 2024.

1.  RSA Conference –

Date: May 6-9, 2024

Location: San Francisco, USA

As one of the largest security conferences in the world, the RSA Conference is a must-attend for anyone involved in cybersecurity. Occurring annually in San Francisco, RSA covers everything from AI and machine learning to cloud security and fraud prevention. With hundreds of educational sessions, keynotes from industry leaders, and an extensive expo floor, RSA ensures security professionals can enhance their skills and knowledge.

2.  Black Hat USA –

Date: August 3-8, 2024

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Known for gathering the brightest minds in security research, Black Hat USA is where many zero-day vulnerabilities and cutting edge hacking techniques are unveiled. The dynamic briefings and training sessions showcase the latest offensive security tactics, which can help organizations improve their defensive strategies. Attending Black Hat helps security leaders stay on the pulse of what threats are on the horizon.

3.  DEF CON – Las Vegas, USA

Date: August 8-11, 2024

Location: Las Vegas, USA

On the heels of Black Hat comes the more unorthodox DEF CON, held annually in Las Vegas. DEF CON offers an interactive, community-driven environment for “white hat” hackers and computer security experts to collaboratively tackle issues. From lockpicking contests and hacking labs to provocative presentations, DEF CON delivers an experience unlike any other conference.

4.  Infosecurity Europe –

Date: June 4-6, 2024

Location: London, UK

With its prominence as Europe’s largest information security event, Infosecurity Europe is a premiere destination for connecting with industry leaders across the continent. Comprising a trade show, seminars, and networking opportunities, the conference covers everything from data security to critical infrastructure protection.

5.  Cyber Security Summit –

Date: July 19, 2024

Location: New York, USA

In the heart of New York City, the Cyber Security Summit delivers sessions on threat intelligence, forensics, governance, and emerging technologies. Top-level keynotes and panel discussions provide unique insights from public sector officials and private industry luminaries trying to secure our digital landscape.

6.  BSides Security Conferences –

Date: Multiple dates

Location: Multiple locations

With events held around the world in cities like Montreal, Seattle, Delhi, and Johannesburg, Security BSides conferences enable information sharing among all levels of the cybersecurity community. BSides fosters an informal, engaging setting for participants across industries and academia to freely collaborate.

7.  CERT Conference –

Date: October 15-17, 2024

Location: Pittsburgh USA

Hosted by the CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, the CERT Conference highlights groundbreaking research and solutions in security analytics, threats, and more. Experts share stories from the trenches and explore how teams can build resilience against sophisticated cyber attacks. You can also meet cybersecurity vendors offering DDoS protection services.

8.  Hack in the Box Security Conference –

Date: October 20-24, 2024

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Known for gathering top hackers from Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Hack in the Box Security Conference offers deep technical talks on vulnerabilities across applications, networks, and systems. Participants can join hands-on labs and challenges to test their penetration testing and ethical hacking abilities.

9.  SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit –

Date: January 29-February 5, 2024

Location: Washington DC, USA

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit is a pivotal annual event for both newbies and experienced professionals in the field. It offers hands-on education and challenges traditional cyber threat intelligence assumptions. Attendees gain practical skills and real-world insights, contributing to their ability to address evolving cyber threats. The summit serves as a global platform for networking, connecting professionals from around the world. It fosters a community where participants can exchange ideas and build lasting relationships. Ultimately, it is a cornerstone for those committed to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity, providing both technical expertise and a collaborative environment.

10.  ShmooCon –

Date: January 17-19, 2024

Location: Washington D.C, USA

Capping off the list is ShmooCon, an engaging hacker convention hosted in the Washington, D.C. area. The nonprofit event features talks on encryption, hardware hacking, social engineering, and critical infrastructure security. From lockpicking villages to cryptography challenges, ShmooCon has unique offerings focused on network security monitoring.


Attending cybersecurity conferences and events is one of the best ways for information security professionals to discover the latest tools and techniques for defending against emerging threats in our increasingly connected world. Mark your calendars for these highly-anticipated 2024 conferences to learn from industry luminaries, connect with like-minded peers, and bring fresh ideas back to advance your organization’s security posture for years to come. With technology evolving so rapidly, the need to continuously expand skills and knowledge has never been more important.

Which of these cybersecurity conferences will you attend in 2024? Let us know in the comments section below.

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